Final promotional poster and fold-out publications for The Leeds School of Art, Architecture and Design degree show 2017.
Final publications for each subject area within the School. A fourth publication was designed to house an essay by Professor Simon Morris outlining the theme of the degree show, 'Do'. This includes images from the Sol Lewitt foundation of Lewitt's original letter to Eva Hesse in 1965. 
Each publication is designed to relect the architecture of Broadcasting Tower, Leeds. The nature of the fold allows for the title of the subject area to be spreads across different layers, creating a disjointed graphic when unfolded. 
Experimental Process
Conceptual posters experimenting with architectural elements, textural photographs and graphic design.
Experimentation using elements such as scaffolding, clothing hangers, lighting equipment and large graphic posters to reflect different disciplines within the School of Art, Architecture and Design. 
Initial publication mockups designed to replicate the architectural forms of Broadcasting Place, Leeds.   These publications were intended to sit individually with an abstract texture relating to each creative discipline. Collectively the abstract graphics form the word 'DO' – the theme of the 2017 degree show.
Degree show publications mockup